Target Groups

Every service organization serves the needs of a target group. The target groups within an organization are for instance CEO’s and Senior Managers, Production and Plant Managers, Human Resources Development, Quality Department, CIP and Suggestion System/Scheme and Idea Management Practitioners. Each of these groups has differentiated needs. With our method, we are able to bring these divergent needs under one umbrella.

» What CEO’s and Senior Managers need:

  • meaningful upwards listening channels for employees
  • vehicles for harnessing the creativity and innovation of their workforce
  • transparent and sustainable problem structures and solution platforms
  • results-oriented analysis of the found problem areas
  • systematic and efficient problem solving and implementation for action

» What Production and Plant Managers need:

  • analysis of problem areas through quick interviews sans work stoppage
  • use of synergies with other quality and cost reduction initiatives
  • practical training of method and social competencies
  • systematic development of solutions through facilitated 1-hr workshops

» What Human Resources Development Managers need:

  • active engagement of all employees through training and use of structured interviews for problem identification
  • active engagement of all employees through training and use of problem visualization and cluster analysis
  • active engagement of all employees through training and use of facilitated problem solving techniques

» What Quality Department Managers need:

  • analysis of problem areas through direct involvement of employees
  • systematic and methodical problem solving applications
  • continuous improvement process (CIP) application to production as well as administrative areas
  • documentation of all results in an electronic xls-based database that serves as a real-time performance and results controlling instrument effectively populated with bottom-up cost savings data

» What CIP/Suggestion/Idea Management Practitioners need:

  • idea generation methodology predicated on active solicitation
  • problem solving sessions restricted to one hour duration
  • trained local facilitators to act as decentralized suggestion personnel
  • minimum savings potential of $100,000 per interview day resulting in approx. $1,500 savings potential per employee interviewed
  • front-line managers receiving a hands-on tool for effective coaching
  • the 70% of employees who would normally not be engaged, are now actively engaged