Whom is PiT-Stop meant for?

Fundamentally PiT-Stop is a universal sector-neutral idea generation methodology that functions equally well in all languages, all types of organizations and departmental entities whether for profit, non-profit or NGO. PiT-Stop is after all employee engagement focussed. PiT-Stops deliver a wealth of useable ideas that support not only the hard bottom-line cost savings objectives but also the many soft facts such as employee engagement, motivation, recognition, coaching and facilitation skills, teamwork and much more. PiT-Stop acts as a bottom-up vehicle for ideas, irrespective of which LEAN or CIP systems and methods already exist inhouse.

There where employees work and function, there is where PiT-Stop works well.

» Target Groups

Target groups within an organization are for instance CEO’s and Senior Managers, Production and Plant Managers, Human Resources Development, Quality Department, CIP and Suggestion System/Scheme and Idea Management Practitioners. Each of these groups has differentiated needs. With our method, we are able to bring these divergent needs under one umbrella. More

» PiT-Stop and other Methods

You already have different methods (ie. Six Sigma, LEAN, CIP, TPM) in operation and want to know if PiT-Stop fits? More

PiT-Stop is not about theoretical training but rather about practical knowledge transfer with bottom-line results through the active engagement of employees. The employees are, in train-the-trainer fashion, trained and empowered. The knowledge therefore stays in the organization. The method is tried and proven many times. It is just as effective in the SME ( small and medium enterprise ) market as it is in Fortune 500 organizations.