Performance Portfolio

Improve your knowledge and skills in all areas of idea management.

Why Innovation Transfer?
  • projects and services are tailored to meet specific organizational needs
  • experienced in cultivating and delivering cross-cultural consensus
  • access to a network of geographic and functional specialists

While most organizational improvement efforts may change a few short-term indicators, many initiatives fail to change the people, and little impact is made at the organizational culture level.
For organizations to be truly successful, an integrated blueprint is required that includes the people side of quality, namely: the power, the proven business strategy and the competitive imperative of engaging their people, then harnessing the creativity and innovation and ensuring the benefits are fully realized.

What we also deliver, besides PiT-Stop:

» Facilitator Training

… train-the-trainer concept of empowering your employees

» Management Training

… Idea Management as a Business Strategy

» Idea Management / Suggestion System Implementation

… Roadmap for the Future

» Top-Down Targetted Initiatives

… idea campaigns to stimulate innovation & generate ideas needed to be successful

» Motivational Speaking

… conferences and events

» Reset to Zero

… eliminating the evaluation backlog (open employee suggestions)

» Benchmark Study Tours

… to Germany, the land of ideas

» Workshops and Seminars

  • “Top-Down”” Optimal Utilization of the Idea Potential to Raise Bottom-line Benefits for the Organization
  • “Bottom-Up”” Live Action Days to Discover Savings Potential and Costs of Non Conformance in Organizations
  • “PiT-Stop”” Problem Finding and Problem Solving in Teams
  • “Backlog Reduction”” Clean-up and Tools for the Process Time Reduction for Employee Ideas
  • “Idea Academy”” Employee Training that Releases the Potential
  • “Training”” Idea Coordinators and CIP Facilitators
  • “Strategic Planning”” Idea Management: Whereto the Journey?
  • “Organizational Goal-Setting”” Idea Management as a Leadership Instrument
  • “Evaluators”” New Methods in Finding and Evaluating Ideas
  • “Paradigm Shifts”” Development of Idea Management in the TQM Culture
  • “Colloquium”” Strategic Success Factors
  • “Performance Measures”” Performance Management in Idea Management