Our Team
Our team consists of experienced trainers, facilitators and consultants. They all share the enthusiasm for employee engagement, continuous improvement and the managing of ideas in the workplace. Click on the pictures to get more information.
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Bernie Sander

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Barrie J. Ashworth

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Stefan Wilhelm Fischer

Bernie is an international consultant, writer, speaker and workshop leader on employee involvement, suggestion systems, recognition architectures and strategic planning.

In a career spanning 25 years, Bernie's direct experience and expertise includes applied areas of total quality, group facilitation, human resource development, performance assessment and suggestion system management.

Besides running his own consulting practise, he serves on the education faculty of several international organizations, is a former president of the North American Employee Involvement Association and, for his contributions to the field, was made an Honorary Fellow of ideasUK, the United Kingdom Association of Suggestion Schemes.

He is the author of the new book and InfoFlip "PiT-Stop - Problem Finding, Structuring and Solving in Teams - a facilitated idea generation methodology", the new book "The Best of Bernie: Bernie on Idea Management - A Manager's Guide to Managing Ideas" as well as "A Wake-Up Call for Idea Champions", required reading for anyone in the employee involvement business.

A self-proclaimed globe trotter and futurist, Bernie enjoys white water canoeing and tennis and every kind of winter sport, and resides when he is home, in Ottawa, Canada.
Stefan Fischer is our man, based in Germany. He is the primary contact for SME’s ( small and medium businesses ) which are the engine for the German success story … the famed ‘Mittelstand’.

He spent 15 years in the hardware distribution business, working in executive functions for a family-run Mittelstand. He specialized in the areas of logistics, IT, personnel and organizational development.

Besides his passion for idea management, Stefan is the webmaster and publishing expert for all aspects of our product portfolio.
Through his company, QuantiMatics Inc., Mr. Ashworth provides a wide range of quantitative and management skills oriented to business decision making. With a professional career spanning 30 years, Mr. Ashworth has experience in a broad range of areas in the telecommunications industry. Acting both as a manager and analyst, he has experience in costing and pricing for telecom services, sales funnel analysis, customer-specific bid support and economic costing of products and services. He has also had experience in financial planning and market segmentation as well as network architecture planning. He has been involved in Operations Research aspects of the telecommunications industry, providing consulting services to various groups on topics including forecasting, sampling and quality of service.

Mr. Ashworth has a reputation for delving thoroughly into the quantitative aspects of an issue, performing insightful analyses and providing effective and reliable tools for business decision making. He is very adept at developing business solutions using Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).