4 Techniques

Problem finding, structuring and solving in teams is a systematic method for generating ideas that is based on 4 techniques that function as an interlocking and seamless process. Employees from a designated work area identify through an interview technique, problems directly at their place of work. These discovered problems and improvement opportunities are structured and documented according to our clustering technique.

With help of our decision-making technique, the problems are systematically evaluated, prioritized and timely measures for implementation are determined and agreed upon where appropriate. Selected issues are immediately addressed in parallel problem solving rounds. Facilitated small teams (5 +/- 2 employees) achieve results in 60-minute sessions using our problem solving technique.

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» Interview Technique

Employees are trained to ask their colleagues in 20-minute face-to-face interviews directly at the work location, about actual problems and improvement opportunities. All answers are documented. On average, the interviewers gather 3 problems with suggestions for improvement per interview.

» Cluster Technique

Through ‘clustering’ we amass the problems in logical themes or entities. This provides an ease of overview and enables practical handling within centres of responsibility for the next steps of the process.

» Decision-Making Technique

We help managers and decision-makers, with the use of simple matrices, checklists and priority tables, to fill the spreadsheet database
(who does what when?) with life.

» Problem Solving Technique

Employees trained by us lead problem solving teams through the structured stages of problem definition, causal analysis and voting and ranking of root causes to solution sets within 1- hour sessions.

During PiT-Stop Workshops all 4 techniques are used. To learn more click here.