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PiT-Stop offers the following benefits:
  • You reach 100 percent of your employees, not only the highly motivated ones who are usually involved. Even shy and hesitant employees spontaneously submit their ideas.
  • Every employee knows areas of weakness in their direct workplace. Every employee has problems. By addressing these issues directly in the comfort of the employee’s place of work, the willingness to engage and talk is much easier and the employee can often point out the problem directly. Errors in understanding and recording are almost always removed.
  • By actively soliciting ideas and problems directly, employees experience being valued and respected.
  • Our experience demonstrates that in each interview we discover several thousand dollars worth of unused improvement potential.
  • PiT-Stop unburdens management and is ideally suited for continuous improvement in the workplace.
  • The process is a universal sector-neutral and bottom-up idea generation methodology that is equally as effective in production, administration and logistic environments.
  • And lastly, our 1-hour facilitated problem solving technique provides your employees with a ready-made tool that allows them to develop practical solutions for approximately 30 percent of their existing problems.