3 Steps

The PiT-Stop process is based on 3 seamless and interlocking steps:

» Problem Finding

Problems and ideas are solicited through 1:1 facilitated face-to-face interviews directly at the place of work. These interviews are conducted by your staff – employee to employee. We do the training. Go to FAQs

» Problem Structuring

In the structuring phase, all collected problems and ideas are visually displayed, organized and electronically recorded. Together with management we cluster the problems in logical entities. This provides an ease of overview and practical handling within centres of responsibility for the next steps of the process. In addition the savings potential is checked and verified.
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» Problem Solving

Clearly defined is half solved! Many problems are easily solved with our
1-hour problem solving methodology. We train your selected employees, who are then in the position to facilitate these sessions.
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The thoughtful preparation of PiT-Stop action days is part of our overall process, as is the follow-up and coaching to ensure the continued success, sustainability and integration into daily business.